support.com is a leader in developing remote technology to diagnose, repair, and optimize your computer. Our patented software has been proven and deployed to millions (yes, millions!) of machines worldwide by companies such as ADP, Bank of America, BellSouth, Time Warner, Kimberly-Clark, Sony, Symantec, and other global corporations. In fact, we already help solve over 10,000 technology problems a day!

|Our goal is to give individual people like you the help they need to fix any computer problem they encounter simply and easily. We're here to help by solving problematic software or operating-system bugs, securing home networks, finding and exterminating malware, spyware, and viruses ...whatever it takes to make your PC perform better. Our sole purpose is to provide immediate computer troubleshooting solutions with a no-hassle experience.

The company behind support.com is SupportSoft, Inc., a publicly traded company (NASDAQ: SPRT) established in 1997 that provides diagnostic, setup and repair software and services for corporations across the globe.