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To solve your technical problem, please:

1Call 1-800-PC-SUPPORT (1-800-877-9999)
to speak to one of our Solutions Engineers.


2Install our free Support Connection Software.
You can then grant one of our Solutions Engineers access to your computer for diagnosis, repair and optimization

Service Agreement

I authorize SupportSoft to access and control my computer for the purposes of computer diagnosis, service and repair and I accept SupportSoft’s Terms and Conditions and End User License Agreement. I understand and acknowledge that SupportSoft has advised that I back up my data prior to receiving any SupportSoft services and that SupportSoft is not responsible for any harm to or loss of my data.

Install Software
What is a Solutions Engineer?

Our Solutions Engineers are highly trained personnel that use the latest tools to diagnose and resolve your technical problem in the most effective way possible. They are experienced in home networking, high-speed data services and popular electronic devices.

What is Support Connection Software?

Our free remote control software allows our Solutions Engineers to diagnose and resolve your PC problem online. They can operate your keyboard and mouse to resolve your problem while you watch from the comfort of your home or office.

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