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Consulting Services

Terrace offers complete consulting services for the installation of your new system. Our staff is completely familiar with all phases of implementing your new agency & broker system including conversion, implementation, training, and customization.

Conversion Services

Moving to a new system doesn't mean that you have to leave your old data behind. Migrating your old data to the new system can help to accelerate new system adoption and provide you with new reporting capabilities for your old data. Terrace has been implementing systems for clients for over a decade. Our staff is extremely experienced with all the challenges surrounding data conversion. We understand how to extract data from any system. We have developed a variety of utilities to transform and merge old system data into a format which will migrate to your new system. We are able to scrub your old data, eliminate duplicate data, and consolidate the old data. When your new system goes up, your old data will be there.

Implementation Services

Getting the most out of your new system is a direct result of the effort you put into implementation. Terrace software has a variety of powerful capabilities which have been designed specifically to streamline your operations. 

A successful Terrace implementation will include some up front analysis to capture a snapshot of how your organization is currently doing business. This analysis defines the requirements and establishes the key operating parameters for your new system. Our up front analysis will touch on the following important installation configurations:

» office locations
» business organization
» staff roles & security
» lines and sub-lines of business
» work flow operations controls
» document generation
» premium accounting processing

Training Services

Your new system will be successful once you properly prepare your staff to take advantage of all the new features. We can provide:

» functional training for end users
» administrative training for system administrators
» technical training for extending the system.

Terrace trains hundreds of people each year on our system. We provide training guides, training classes, training databases, and post training support services to accelerate your training experience.

We know that each client is different. Therefore, we will work with each client to develop a training plan which matches their needs. We are happy to provide either "train the trainer" and/or traditional "train the user" services. Our goal is transfer important knowledge to your staff as quickly as possible so the benefits of the new system are realized quickly and painlessly.


Terrace software is alternately available as an ASP service and an application framework ready for customization. Our staff has in-depth experience adapting our technology to the unique needs of your organization. Building on our proven technology is a great solution for customers who are seeking an accelerated path towards a custom agency and/or brokerage application.