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Agency & Employee Benefit Solutions

Smart companies seek significant operational efficiencies and insightful reporting capabilities in their software solutions. Agencies and benefits brokers are under continued pressure to reduce costs while improving sales and servicing. Terrace agent & broker system delivers impressive capabilities which cost effectively address the need for improved operating efficiency and impactful reporting. Terrace can be set up to automate one line or many lines of business. The system is tailored so users only access the capabilities and reports necessary to complete their work. The system provides detailed reporting for analysis because we link all critical information in the system.

Agency Solutions

Client Management

Terrace's database supports tracking all kinds of company and contact information. Users may track everyone (suspects and affiliated contacts) before they become a client. Or users may choose to limit their contact tracking to active submissions, and insureds. The system has no limit to the number of names, addresses, phones and other contact data. The system's integrates task management and note filing with ad hoc document storage. Every contact and client may be associated with any number of user defined tracking tags for later reporting, mail merge and data extraction.


We understand that the process of marketing and brokering Benefits Insurance differs from P&C. That’s why we developed a special Benefits area of the system tailored for benefits brokering (both individual and group). The system tracks policies, pension products, contracted services (for both internal and external providers) and servicing issues. The system can be set up to support the processing of any kind of benefits product. And the system's survey data capability allows each customer to set up specific data fields for special programs.

Property & Casualty

The system's P&C features are rich and deep. Our flexible design supports any P&C line of business. Our unique survey data capability allows each customer to set up specific data fields for any programs with unusual data capture needs. Our automated document facility enables each customer to automate the creation of any document (ACORD, Word, PDF) with any data in the system. And all the information in the P&C sections of the system flow seamlessly into billing & premium accounting.

Policies & Endorsements

Policy management and policy changes are easy in Terrace. Policy information can originate from several sources. It can be entered into policy screens. It can be automatically advanced from previous policy information (i.e. renewals) or it can be advanced from marketing information entered into the submission.

Certificates & Exposures

The system tracks exposure information directly at the client level for use and re-use across one or many policies. Enter and update your exposure information in one place. Certificate processing is powerful and flexible. The system tracks master information for the certificate, certificate holders, and evidence. The master certificate database manages the policies, the certificate documents, and the certificate holders. The master evidence database manages the policies, the master documents and the evidence holders. And the certificate business action processing automates many functions such as batch & print, renew, move and copy, activate and inactivate.

Carriers, Markets & Payees

The Terrace system contains a comprehensive database of carrier, market & payee information. This extensive information can enforce downstream processing rules to reduce errors in marketing, billing, and policy management.

Claims & Incidents

Terrace’s database tracks much information about any incident and/or claim including claimants, claim contacts, payments, transactions and tasks/notes/docs. Additionally, the system’s survey & coverage data capability allows each site to track unique data elements not found in our standard database.

Premium Accounting

Terrace supports agency bill, direct bill, direct bill accrual, account current, and generic invoice billing for services. The system tracks all information about producers (internal and external) and client service teams. Our premium accounting system processes all the agency billings and collections (e.g. trust accounting) and your own 3rd party general ledger accounts for the remainder of the business accounting.

Terrace offers our software technology as a complete software product, an ASP service, or a source code framework ready for customization.