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Custom .NET development

At times the best approach for creating an eBusiness technology solution is custom .NET development. There are times when the out of the box platform solutions just don't fit well enough to adopt that technology. That's when custom development becomes the best alternative.

The Foundation Practice of Terrace is Custom Development

Since our founding, we have constructed hundreds of custom technology solutions tailored precisely to the requirements of each client.  We thoroughly understand how to analyze each problem, build requirements documents, translate requirements into specifications, build to order, test, implement, and optimize custom code. We understand each of the key eBusiness building blocks including eCommerce, Portals, and Content Management. And, we have a highly talented staff of accomplished professionals who have deep experience with all of Microsoft's custom .NET development technologies.

The accomplishments of our custom development staff are notable and long lived. In the early days, Terrace was engaged by IBM to help create a client/server development methodology for IBM's consulting services.  In the mid 1990's Terrace was engaged by several companies to develop custom code which eventually became part of commercially available software products.  Microsoft engaged Terrace to co-author Microsoft's first set of certification exams for certifying developers with Microsoft Tools (i.e. the MCSD exam series). 

Terrace staff has authored a few specialized application development frameworks (e.g. Threshold®, OpenApp®) and two vertical software packages (WinBroker®, AgencyInsight®) for the insurance industry. More recently, Terrace staff has been engaged by Microsoft to co-author certification exams for Commerce Server 2000, and .NET development technologies. And Terrace staff has authored books (Building Solutions with Commerce Server 2002 - Microsoft Press), resource kits (Site Server Migration Kit - Microsoft) and presented technical seminars about building custom solutions.

Our mission critical custom solutions have been implemented for a diverse set of clients with a variety of project constraints. We are retained directly by clients and by other consulting organizations (for their clients) for our services.  And, we are asked repeatedly to consult on existing sites (developed by others) and provide remedies for issues with usability, architecture, performance, security, reporting, and back office system integration.