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Content Management

The Web has become the de facto medium for customers, business partners, and vendors to investigate and interact with your company. During the early days of the Web, often a single webmaster was responsible for building, creating, managing, and publishing content. Today's environment requires the collaboration and input from a wide variety of individuals representing many different departments within the enterprise.

The complexities of keeping both the content 'look' fresh, current, and innovative can be segmented into site design; content creation; and content management and publishing. Terrace's expert consulting staff has implemented an impressive array of Microsoft .NET content management features and requirements across a variety of sites over the years including the following:

Site Design

» Design standards
» Usability standards
» Page templates
» Stylesheets

Content Creation

» Integrated authoring environment
» Separation of content and presentation using page templates
» Multi-user and non-technical authoring
» Single sourcing (content re-use)
» Meta-data creation and management

Content Management & Publishing

» Version control and archiving
» Review and approval workflow
» Metadata creation
» Security Integration with external systems
» Support and personalization for multiple formats and channels such as web, printed, pdf, hand-held (WAP), and multi-lingual.

Our content management solutions have been implemented for a diverse set of clients with a variety of project constraints. We are retained directly by clients and by other consulting organizations (for their clients) for our services. And, we are frequently called on to lead enhancement work on existing portal sites.

Terrace's staff strives to deliver the very best Microsoft .NET content management solutions for our clients. We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver elegant, high performance .NET content management solutions which quickly deliver the benefits of automation while streamlining operations.