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Steve Almond was raised in Palo Alto, California, aka The Town Where God Will Retire. He spent seven years as a newspaper reporter, mostly in El Paso and Miami. He has been writing fiction for the last eight years. His work can be found in a whole bunch of literary magazines, along with the occasional porn outlet. He lives in Somerville, MA, and teaches creative writing at Boston College. Steve welcomes your feedback: send him a message.

Steve Almond has published short stories in the following magazines:


9th Letter, “In Hoboken, When I Was Young” (Spring 2004), “Skull” (Fall 2004)

Washington Square, “Guys I Hate” (Winter 2004)

StoryQuarterly, “At Age 91, Anna Smolz of the Gmersh Unit, Speaks” (Fall 2004)

One-Story, “King of the Empty Kegs” (Winter 2004)

Virginia Quarterly Review, “Have a Coke and a Bullet” (Winter 2004)

Virginia Quarterly Review, “The Problem of Human Consumption” (Spring 2004)


Swink, “Good Boys Don’t Run Around Naked” (Fall 2003)

Quick Fiction, “The Man Who Used to Be a Bishop” (Fall 2003), “Third Nude Descending” (July 2003), “The Idea of Michael Jackson’s Dick” (February 2003)

Book Magazine, “This Remarkable Sojourn” (Spring 2003)

Carolina Quarterly, “Belief” (Winter 2003)

Heeb Magazine, “Little Isaac’s Nozzle of Love” (Forthcoming)

Antioch Review, “What It’s Like to Be a Man” (Spring 2003)

Yalobusha Review, "Straight Drop" (Spring 2003)

Other Voices, "Summer, As in Love" (Spring 2003)

Gulf Stream, "The King of Corn" (Spring 2003)

Tin House, "The Breakup Vows" (Spring 2003)

Playboy, "Appropriate Sex" (Spring 2003)

New England Review, "Shotgun Wedding" (Spring 2003) "The Standard Male Equipment" (December 2002)

StoryQuarterly, "The Man with the Alien Hand" (Fall 2003)

Mid-American Review, "Cornucopia" (Fall 2003)


Arena Magazine (UK), "Daisy, Over Helpless Shirts, Weeps" (July, 2002), "Ode to a Greasy Earn" (May, 2002)

Harvard Review, "The President Returns" (March, 2002)

Playboy, "Sauce" (Forthcoming, 2002)

The Missouri Review, "This Company Died for Your Lawn, This Lawn Died for Your Company" (January 2002)

Book Magazine, "A Happy Dream" (January 2002)

Salt Hill, "What Were the Sophists" (Spring 2002)

StoryQuarterly, "Chibas Speaks" (Spring 2002)

The New England Review, "The Pass" (Winter 2002)
Won the 2002 Pushcart Prize

Ploughshares, "Run Away, My Pale Love" (Spring 2002)

Southern Review, "The Most Romantic Story Ever" (Winter 2002)

Another Chicago Magazine, "Last Single Days of Don Viktor Potapenko" (Spring 2002)

Fence, "The Noble Meerkat" (Spring 2002)

Tin House, "The Soul Molecule" (Spring 2002)

Boulevard, "Pornography" (September 2001)

Zoetrope, "The Evil B.B. Chow" (August 2001)

Playboy, "How to Love a Republican" (December 2001)

Antioch Review, "Lincoln, Arisen" (Fall 2001)

Playboy, "My Life in Heavy Metal" (April 2001)

Southern Review, "God Bless America" (Winter 2001)

Shenandoah, "God Stones" (Winter 2001)

Mid-American Review, "Da Birds and Da Bees" (Spring 2001)

Other Voices, "Larsen's Novel" (Spring 2001)

The Sun, "Ecstasy" (June 2001)

South Carolina Review, "Divorcing Johnny Ponder" (Spring 2001)

The New England Review, "I Am as I Am" (Winter 2001)

Tatlin's Tower, "Life in Syndication" (June 2001)


New England Review, "A Dream of Sleep" (Winter 2000)

Michigan Quarterly Review, "Spartacus" (Spring 2000)

Ex-Files: An Anthology, "The Body in Extremis" (Winter 2000)

The Missouri Review, "Geek Player, Love Slayer" (Fall 2000)

Tulane Review, "Islands" (Winter 2000)

Fiction Writer, "A Book of Some Sort" (April, 2000)

The Sun, "Hope Wood" (September 2000)

Ascent, "Levels" (Spring 2000)

Tatlin's Tower, "That Around Which Memory Grows" (Winter 2000)

Southern Review, "The Idea of Sirloin" (Spring 1999)

Zoetrope, "Among the Ik" (February 1999)

North Dakota Quarterly, "If He Asks You, Tell Him I Was Flying" (Spring 1999)

Puerto Del Sol, "Recovery" (Summer 1999)

HAPPY, "Your Future in This Town" (Summer 1999)

Mid-American Review, "Nights Such as These" (Spring 1999)

Sycamore Review, "Tell Me Where It Hurts" (Summer 1999)

Rio Grande Review, "Genesis, At Rest" (Summer 1999)

Other Voices, "Valentino" (Spring 1999)

Ascent, "As Bullet Meets Bone, So We Dance" (Spring 1999)


North American Review, "Moscow" (December 1998)

City Primeval, "Jimmybug to the Hole" (Spring 1998)

Gulf Stream, "Spooks" (Spring 1998)

Puerto Del Sol, "A Good Man Feels Responsible" (Summer 1998)

Denver Quarterly, "The Law of Sugar" (Summer 1998)

Bellingham Review, "Soft Machines" (Spring 1998)

Fugue, "Prayer" (Spring 1997)

The Alembic, "Practical Application" (Spring 1997)

Red Cedar Review, "Progress" (Spring 1997)

Manoa, "Sometimes Folksongs" (Winter 1997)

Georgia Review, "Old Growth" (Spring 1997)

Rio Grande Review, "Alteration," (Summer 1996)

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