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Terrace was started by Todd P. Ziesing in 1993 with a clear vision of integrity, quality, and depth. Time certainly flies-especially in technology. But it's gratifying to see that the principles that led us to create this enterprise are as solid today as they were over a decade ago.

Bill Gates and Todd ZiesingWhen we opened our doors in 1993 we were committed to a single goal: offer specialized technology products and services that provide elegant, high-performance solutions for our clients. We wanted to "go narrow and deep" offering the very best resources for clients seeking specialized solutions.

Several technology trends have surfaced since our founding. We've helped clients with products and services for early personal computer networks, client/server computing, internet applications, eBusiness, and web services. In each and every engagement, we provide a depth of experience, knowledge and products only possible through specialization. Our clients have benefited from this specialization and repeatedly utilize Terrace when they seek focused product and service solutions.

The best solution for a client is delivered through a blend of expert technology, proven process, domain knowledge, and superior staff. Terrace remains unsurpassed in our specialty practices because we are driven to deliver integrity, quality, and depth for every client