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Professional Benefits for Our Staff

Terrace offers our staff great benefits. We offer a challenging work environment where learning new technologies and pushing your comfort zone is the expected norm. We offer competitive salaries/bonus as well as competitive employee benefits.


Competitive Salary—we keep abreast of the current trends in staff compensation. Our offers for employment, promotions, and salary reviews reflect the marketplace for the talent you contribute to Terrace.

Incentive Compensation Plan (ICP)—ICP provides a significant quarterly boost in compensation for staff who 1) help Terrace deliver a superior work product with high customer satisfaction and 2) help build and improve Terrace practices.

Tax deferred retirement savings under our 401(k) plan, allows employees to set aside money (tax free) for retirement.

Health Benefits

Comprehensive Health Insurance—with in-network and out-of-network options. The policy includes medical, and a prescription drug plan. Sec 125 benefits allow any dependent premiums paid by staff members to be paid pre-tax through payroll deductions.

Life & ADD Insurance Benefits—are provided for employees and paid 100% by Terrace.

Disability Insurancee for long term disabilities is provided for employees and paid 100% by Terrace.

Domestic Partner Benefits—Sec 125 benefits allow any dependent, spouse, or domestic partner premiums paid through pre-tax payroll deductions.

Personal & Professional Growth

Paid Time Off (PTO) is granted to each staff member for vacation, sick time, and any personal time off required annually.  Our PTO policy is generous and reflects our belief that every Terrace professional should be empowered to manage all time off for any personal reason.

Tuition Reimbursement is offered for selected job-related course work.

Off site Team Building Events provide all employees with tools for building teamwork, strengthening relationships and improving communication. White water rafting, skiing, biking, hiking, paint ball, and cooking are a few examples of our team building events!

Family Gatherings allow employees to have fun, meet each other's spouses/partners/significant others and children. Flag football, piñatas, water games, snow skiing, snow playing, dinner and dancing are a few examples of Terrace's recent family fun.