Work History

Welcome. My name is Michael Isaac Almond and this is my online portfolio. You can view a selection of projects in Web site and Web application design, print design, identity design, as well as a selection of User Experience Design Diagrams. I've provided a few background documents if you want to learn more about my professional experience. You can download my resume or view an online version. There's an overview of my role as a User Experience specialist as well. Please note that online documents open a new browser window. If you are having trouble, check the settings of your pop up blocker. Thank you for visiting and enjoy your stay!

Professional Background

I have worked as a User Experience Designer for the last eight years in both full-time positions and as an independent consultant. I specialize in Visual Design and Branding, User Interface Design, Interaction Design and Usability for consumer facing Web sites and applications, including Software as a Service (SaaS) and Social Media applications. I also have experience working on User Interface Design solutions for enterprise applications.

My technical skills also include building standards-compliant XHTML/CSS templates, using DHTML and Flash, among others. I am very comfortable working closely with database and application developers, site architects and server-side specialists to build applications based on end user and client requirements.

My work experience covers a broad range of clients and projects, including eCommerce Web sites and Web-based applications, small business Web sites, non-profit education and advocacy Web sites, as well as portfolio sites for architects, visual artists and design professionals.

My professional skills also draw on ten years of experience as an art director in traditional media, including print design, logos and identity systems, branding, publication design, graphics standards and guidelines, and typography.

I have management experience as well. I have lead creative teams and worked directly with clients and third party vendors. While working at Public Media Center, a leading Social Marketing advocacy agency for social change, I served as the lead campaign manager for a number of public interest initiatives and Social Marketing communications and media campaigns, including an initiative funded by the Ford Foundation focusing on the religious and faith-based communities response to the AIDS epidemic.

I am also a contributing writer to Digital Web Magazine.

Please feel free to contact me directly to view my off-line portfolio or just say hello. Thank you.